New Quote Button in SF1 Issue

We recently went live with a team on Lightning only. Everything seemed to be going okay until the New Quote button disappeared suddenly from the quote related list on Opportunity on SF1. The button was there in LEX (Lightning Experience) but on mobile devices it was gone, just gone. And the worst part was it had been there the week before. I got on the SFDC help desk red phone and once I had my case elevated to tier 2, I had a very helpful rep research the issue for me. Come to find out SFDC R&D had removed the button from SF1 without notice because of some bugs they were seeing.

Well, not to be one to give up that easily I created a workaround. I was told the only workaround would be to create a Visualforce page which seemed really heavy handed, especially if SFDC is going to fix the issue sometime in the future.

Note, this workaround is designed for Lightning and SF1. If you are using classic then you would be better off going the route of a Visualforce page. Our users are going live on Lightning and are heavy mobile users so this functionality is critical for them. Enough talking and let’s get to the code…

This is a Lightning Component Action which means that once you have created the component you will need to create a Lightning Action that will use the code add the action to your page layout. Click into the links below to see the code in my GitHub repo. Note that you will need to wire up your own field validation (I have not added that as of yet). Happy coding!

Blazing Trails!

If you haven’t seen the new learning platform that Salesforce created called Trailhead than you really need to check it out, like now. First off, this isn’t new anymore and it has grown over the past year both in content and sophistication. Trailhead is the free Salesforce learning platform that makes learning anything about Salesforce really fun. Trailhead is branded in the wonderfully disarming geeky ‘I am a scout on an adventure with furry animals’ style. You can learn about anything from diversity in the workplace, continuous integration, Lightning Components, and so much more. Of course you earn badges as you complete trails which is kind of like virtual flair that you can show off on your profile. Oh and one really good reason to checkout Trailhead, if I haven’t convinced you already, the advanced developer certification is now using 4 Super Badges as the project portion of that certification. I have word that other certifications will be following suite. So what are you waiting for?

Here are some of my favorite trails:

Collaboration for Virtual Teams

Git & Github Basics

Application Lifecycle Management

The Business Value of Diversity

Happy Trailblazing!

SOQL by Length

Just learned a new SOQL query trick. When searching records where you want to omit values based on length one option is to use the following format:

SELECT Field1__c, Field2__c FROM Object__c Where Field1__c = ‘value’ AND (NOT Field2__c LIKE ‘____’)

Pretty handy!